Rules and Regulations
The West Glamorgan

Last updated – 30/04/2010
( Master version held by the Hon. Sec. )
Rule 1:
The Association shall be called THE WEST GLAMORGAN WILDFOWLERS’ ASSOCIATION, herein after called the “Association”, and this title shall be strictly adhered to at all times.  The aims of the Association shall be to promote and protect the sport of shooting, wildfowling and rough shooting and to foster and encourage a spirit of friendship amongst Members, organising periodic social gatherings, lectures and other forms of entertainment and instruction.  The Association shall consist of a President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Marsh Wardens (herein together called “the officers”), Honorary Vice -Presidents, Vice-Chairman, and Assistant Secretary.  All Officers and Committee Members of the Association shall be fully paid-up Members of five years standing and may be honorary.  The Officers shall be elected at any Annual General meeting and shall hold office until the second Annual General meeting after their respective appointments and the Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur during the intervening period.
Members admitted to the Association, at the discretion of the Committee shall be entitled to attend all events organised by the Association and shall abide by the Rules of the Association at all times.  Membership shall be divided into the following groups:
Member: Enjoying full voting rights at Association meetings and to shoot over all Association shooting grounds.
Probationary Member: Enjoying full voting rights at Association meetings but only entitled to shoot over Association shooting grounds in the presence of a Full Member until such time as he satisfies the Committee of his competence to shoot over the Association’s shooting grounds.
Social Member: Enjoying rights to attend any Association social event and shoot at clay pigeon shoots organised by the Association, but NOT shoot over any of the Association’s shooting grounds or cast a vote at any Association meeting.
Junior Member: Enjoying no voting rights at Association meetings but only entitled to shoot over Association shooting grounds in the presence a Member until such time as he reaches the age of 17 and satisfies the Committee of his competence to shoot over the Association’s shooting grounds.
Rule 2:
The Association shall be managed by an executive Committee which shall consist of the Officers and not less than six and not more than ten other Members. The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting each year and subject to termination of office by resignation or otherwise, shall remain in office until their successors are elected at the Annual general meeting next following their election.  The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur between the Annual General Meetings and the retiring of members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election.  Each Officer and Committee member standing for election or re-election shall be proposed and seconded in writing by Members of the Association and all nominations must be received by the Secretary not less than seven days before the AGM  No nomination will be valid without the signatures of both the proposer and seconder, and the nominee’s signature accepting the nomination.
Officers and Committee Members shall not be eligible to seek re-election if they do not attend 50% of Committee Meetings.
Rule 3:
The Committee shall hold meetings on such dates and at such times and places as it shall from time to time decide, but the Secretary at the request of any three Members of the Committee shall forthwith call a meeting at seven days notice.
Rule 4:
Life membership may be granted to any Member of at least ten years standing at the discretion of the Committee and upon payment of such sum as the Committee shall from time to time stipulate and the Committee may also confer Honorary Life Membership on any member of the Association for services rendered.
Rule 5:
The joining fee and annual subscription shall be decided by the Committee with due consideration for the costs of affiliation fees and of shooting leases.  Any member who has been a fully paid up member for a continuous period of 15 years shall upon attaining the age of 60 years pay half of the annual subscription.  This amount to include the cost of BASC membership plus a contribution to the Association to be decided by the Committee.
Rule 6:
All Members of the Association other than Honorary and non-shooting members, for whom BASC membership is voluntary, shall become and remain during their membership of the Association, members of BASC in the appropriate category, providing the Association remains affiliated to BASC.
Rule 7:
All Members and guests shall hold such game licences, shotgun and firearms certificates as may be appropriate from time to time to enable them to lawfully engage in the form of sport which they intend to pursue.
Rule 8:
No person shall be allowed to participate in any shooting activities of the Association unless he be a fully subscribed Member or unless he be an invited person approved by either any Officer of the Association for the time being and no person shall be allowed to use any land over which the Association has shooting rights unless he be a fully subscribed Member.
In the foregoing, the masculine shall be deemed to include the feminine.
Rule 9:
The Committee’s ruling shall be final in all respects relating to the administration of the Association and the interpretation and enforcement of these rules, and the Committee may from time to time make such regulations for the use, enjoyment and maintenance of the Association’s rights and property and the conduct of the Members as seems to them fit provided the same are not inconsistent with the rules.  Such regulations shall be binding on all the Members.
Rule 10:
The Committee shall on proof to its satisfaction and in its absolute discretion have power to expel any Member whomsoever whose conduct (whether by Act or Omission) it considers to be contrary to the best interests of the Association or detrimental to the good name of the sport of wildfowling or shooting.  The Member in question shall be summoned by seven days written notice to attend a meeting of the Committee to explain any alleged misconduct.
Rule 11:
In no circumstances whatsoever shall a Member pass beyond the limits over which the Association has shooting rights except to recover game or wildfowl shot on or over the Association’s land and then only with the previous consent of the adjoining occupier; and in any case the Member’s gun shall be left within the boundaries of the land over which the Association has shooting rights.
Rule 12:
The shooting seasons of the Association shall be in accordance with the current legislation for the time being in force and with such restrictions as the Committee shall from time to time stipulate.
Rule 13:
Every Member and Officer of the Association shall carry whilst engaged on any Association activity a signed Membership Card which is not transferable and which must be produced on demand to any Officer, Member of the Police Force, Landowner or any duly Authorised person.
Rule 14:
The Chairman shall have the power to call an Extra-Ordinary Meeting on seven days written notice stating the purpose thereof and the Secretary on receipt of a written request signed by any twenty Members, or proposed by the Committee shall forthwith call on seven days notice an Extra-Ordinary General meeting.  Any such request shall set out the reasons why a special meeting is to be called and the notice convening the meeting shall stare fully the business to be transacted thereat.  No other business shall be transacted at such meeting.
Rule 15:
Members dogs must be kept under control and not allowed to interfere with the sport of others.  All members must ensure that their dogs do not trespass or chase cattle, sheep or other livestock.
Rule 16:
Any Member whose subscription shall not have been paid in full before the 31ST of January in any year and who refuses or neglects to comply with a written request for payment within seven days after the same shall have been sent to him, shall be deemed to have resigned and shall cease to be a Member unless a reason be deemed to be satisfactory to the Committee shall be given for the delay.  The Committee may at its discretion levy a fine equal to the rejoining fee.
Payment of subscriptions may be made by a bank cheque or by Postal Order only.
Rule 17:
The AGM shall be held between the 1ST April and the 1ST May in each year to transact the following business.
To receive and, if approved, accept a statement of the Association’s accounts to the end of the preceding year.
To consider and, if approved, sanction any alterations of the rules.
To appoint Officers (when appropriate) and other members of the Committee.
To appoint an auditor or auditors.
To deal with any special matter which the Committee desires to bring before the Members.
To deal with any other relevant business.
All resolutions for consideration by the membership of the Association must be submitted to the Secretary, in writing and signed by both proposer and seconder, no later than 30 days prior to the AGM.
Rule 18:
It is the responsibility of every Member to report to the Committee any contravention of any of the rules or regulations made in pursuance thereof.
Rule 19:
The Association shall have no responsibility or liability in respect of any accident or mishap which may arise out of the activity of Members or visitors in any of the shooting grounds.
Rule 20:
Resolutions presented to the General Meetings, other than matters arising within the proscribed period, must be approved by a majority of the General Meeting present.  Voting shall be decided by a show of hands unless two thirds of the Members present require a ballot to be taken, in which case the ballot shall be secret and the meeting shall appoint scrutineers as may be necessary to carry out this provision.
In the event of a tie the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
Rule 21:
The Committee may co-opt as additional members of the Committee persons who as a result of their knowledge and experience may in the Committee’s opinion contribute to the general good of the Association and such co-opted Members shall have the full rights and duties of membership of the Committee.  The Committee may set up sub-committees for the purpose of formulating detailed recommendations for the implementation of the policies of the Association or such topics as the Committee shall decide. The Committee shall have the power to delegate to the sub-committee such of its functions as the Committee deems to be appropriate, but the Committee shall be responsible overall for the adoption or rejection of sub-committee’s recommendations and may dissolve any sub-committee at any time.  The Committee shall have no power to delegate any of its powers relating to the election or expulsion of Members.
Rule 22:
Every Member shall be furnished with a copy of the Association’s rules and of all regulation made thereunder, and shall be bound by the same and by alteration thereof.
Rule 23:
Every candidate for membership shall be proposed by at least one, but preferably two, Members who have been Members of the Association for a continuous period of at least five years. The acceptance of one or two proposers and election shall be at the absolute discretion of the Committee.  Not more than one new Member may be proposed or seconded every two years by an existing Member.  
A new Member of the Association must be accompanied by either his proposer or seconder during the first two full shooting seasons of his membership, and during such period or any such extended period as shall be stipulated by the Committee, this extension shall preclude his proposer and seconder from introducing a new candidate during this period, and he shall not be entitled to shoot any part of the Association grounds on his own.
Rule 24:
Terms and conditions of Junior membership will be at the absolute discretion of the Committee.  Junior membership will cease upon attaining the age of 17 years whereupon the committee shall decide whether Rule 23 applies in whole or part.  Junior Members can be co-opted to the Committee but have no voting rights within the Association.
Rule 25:
Every Member must make such returns of Wildfowl and game shot on the Association shooting grounds during the preceding season to the Association’s Treasurer before 31ST January of each year; failure to comply will jeopardise membership in compliance with the terms of our leases.
Rule 26:
Trustees shall be appointed to hold and administer the Association property and rights.  The number of Trustees shall not be more than four and not less than two and the property of the Association (other than money in the control of the Honorary Treasurer) shall be vested in them.  They shall hold office until death or resignation unless removed from office by a resolution in General Meeting.  They shall deal with the property and rights of the Association as directed by resolutions of the Committee of which an entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence, and they shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Association’s assets.  If it shall be necessary to appoint a new or additional Trustee for any reason the Association in General Meeting shall by resolution nominate such person.
Rule 27:
In the event of the Association being wound up and ceasing to exist the assets thereof shall be realised and after payment of the Association’s just debts, liabilities and expenses the balance of the monies realised (if any) shall be distributed in such manner as the majority of the Members present and voting at a General Meeting of the Association shall resolve.
Rule 28:
The Treasurer shall pay all monies received by him on behalf of the Association into a current Banking Account or a deposit Banking account or if so required an account with a nominated Building Society in the name of the Association and all cheques drawn on any such account shall be signed by the Treasurer or Chairman or secretary for the time being.  In addition the Treasurer shall keep complete and accurate records of all financial dealings of the Association and shall submit accounts of receipts and expenditure to the Committee at each of its meetings and to the Association at its Annual General Meeting certified by the Auditor(s) appointed by the Committee.
For accounting purposes the period shall end on the 31ST January of each year.
Rule 29:
At Committee meetings a quorum shall consist of a minimum of five Committee members including Officers, and at General meetings a quorum shall consist of a minimum of ten Members excluding Officers.
Rule 30:
The decision of the Committee upon any matter not specifically provided for in the foregoing rules shall be final and binding.

No shooting whatsoever shall take place on the Association’s marsh between the 21ST February and the 31ST August in each year.
No shooting whatsoever shall take place in the reeds of the marsh before the 1ST October in each year and after the 31ST January
Rifles must not be used for wildfowling or anywhere on the Association shooting grounds.
Members must not use any form of lighting in an indiscriminate manner during flighting time.
Members intending to flight shoot must be in position well before the flight starts and on no account wander about or restrict or interfere with the sport of other shooters.
Members whose cars are parked in the vicinity of the marsh must display a membership sticker provided by the Association.  It is the Member’s responsibility that their guest’s vehicles are properly identified.
Member are obliged to give the fullest assistance to the Police or Marsh Wardens in apprehending any person poaching on the marsh or contravening any statutory provision in respect thereof.
Members must not trespass beyond shooting boundaries and must act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times giving due consideration to other shooters, commoners and authorised marsh users.
Members vehicles must not be parked in such a manner as to obstruct access whether to farm land or otherwise.
The use of boats for the purpose of wildfowling on Association shooting grounds is forbidden.
Any Member of the Association offering Wildfowl or Game for sale which has been shot on the Association grounds will forfeit his membership.
A fee of £10 is payable per shooting guest for each visit to the Marsh, with Members restricted to TWO guest visits per season and non-members are restricted to two visits per year as a guest of a Member.  All Members must ensure that their guests are fully paid up members of BASC and that they hold a current Shotgun Certificate.
There is no official club access via the farm and Weobley Castle Road to the Marsh; the Public Footpath does not extend as far as the Marsh.  It must also be stressed that Members must not for any reason use this road as a vehicle access to the Marsh.
Shotgun cartridges containing Toxic Shot must not be used on the Marsh for any purpose.  It is illegal to deposit toxic shot in this area.
Each shooting party must have at least one dog capable of retrieving from the Marsh.